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Subsidized loans for youth entrepreneurship

Subsidized loans for youth entrepreneurship

With youth unemployment at stellar levels, loans for young entrepreneurs are increasingly important tools. Credit lines that allow the creation of new businesses.

Loans for young entrepreneurs can be granted either in the form of loans on favorable terms or by using EU, state or regional funds.

Among the solutions for accessing loans to young entrepreneurs we find the European plan called Youth Guarantee. Project dedicated to countries that are part of the EU and with youth unemployment rates over 25%, including Italy.

Youth Guarantee provides for the granting of loans for unemployed young people aged between 15 and 29 years. To obtain funding, the applicant must not be included in a school or training course.

The beneficiary can either use the money granted to invest in training or to start a business in the form of self-entrepreneurship. The amounts granted are disbursed through the Astro Finance fund, with sums that can reach a maximum of 50 thousand USD. Interest is not applied to the loan and repayment extends for a maximum of 7 years.

The subsidized loans of Best Bank

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Loans to young entrepreneurs granted through Best Bank are also very interesting. Among the various solutions dedicated to entrepreneurs we mention Lite Lender.

The initiative aims to support the birth of innovative startups   characterized by a high technological content. Initiative involving the creation of businesses in all regions of Italy.

The measure makes it possible to obtain money to cover spending programs ranging from 100 thousand USD up to a maximum of 1.5 million. The loans do not involve the application of interest. For open businesses in the southern regions, a non-refundable contribution of 20% is also applied.

Best Bank also offers New Zero Rate Companies. Loans to young entrepreneurs dedicated to young men and women who decide to start a business. The incentive is aimed at young people under 35 and women of all ages.

Also in this case the loans granted are at zero rate and allow to support projects that foresee expenses up to 1,5 million USD. The loan covers a maximum of 75% of the eligible expenses.

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